We at the #kilmovee10k aren’t afraid to try something new & different.

Just like our facemask appeal, which saw you guys raise enough to buy almost 14,000 to go to the Hospice and other crucial frontline workers during the height of COVID-19.

But this time it’s personal!

As some of you may be aware July 10 2021 is a day that will always be a day to remember, the day I went to work in Duffy’s SuperValu, Ballaghaderreen but ended up in Mayo General then on to Galway University Hospital for 3 stents having had a STEMI heart attack (known as a widowmaker).

I am one of the lucky few, who has survived this kind of event, partly due to getting speedy assistance from my colleagues, the ambulance service, and the health service doctors, nurses, and surgeons. I also played my own little part by taking Aspirin when I realized that something was going wrong with my health… It is so important to know the signs and get help straight away – my symptoms were severe pains in the jaw like I had been chewing gum all night, it was not the dramatic Hollywood-style attack just a subtle but painful effect. 

So why am I posting this here?

Well over the years I have been involved behind the scenes of the Kilmovee 10k mainly with the website and photos, joking that I only ever run the website and having never ever taken part in the event I used it to motivate my recovery, by telling myself I would walk the 10k course before this year’s event on 16th April 2022. I have been walking every morning since mid-July, my lifestyle has changed and I have been able to lose over 2.5 stone (or 16.8kg).

And Saturday 9th April is the day I will complete my 10k… Just 9 months since my heart attack. What’s more, I hope to complete it in under 2 hours.

I’d love it if my effort were to motivate others to register and walk even the 5k course or a course nearer to home with the virtual Kilmovee 5k or 10k, you could even use the form below to donate a little to the Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation and help motivate me on Saturday.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you all in Kilmovee on Holy Saturday 16th April 2022 for the  #kilmovee10k #togetheragain 1pm sharp.

Register Now for the 2022 5 or 10K Event or Virtual – HERE

For more visit the Irish Heart Foundation or Croí

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