Firstly, thank you for your continued support this year 2018.

The Kilmovee 10k will in 2019 be 10 years old, making us one of the longest-running 10k’s in the area.

One of the suggestions we received to keep our event one of the best was to run a 5k at the same time, so we ran a short poll on our facebook page, the results were a resounding yes in favour of this suggestion.

Now the race director has a little work to find a suitable course and all the logistics involved in running a separate race at the same time, but word is he is in favour and work has already begun – so watch this space for more updates!

We have worked hard on security and privacy lately on the website and we’re pleased to announce the new single/double registration is now open, with 3+ coming in September (along with the 5k around that time too)

This year (2018) you may have noticed the drone floating around we are now pleased to bring you the footage…

Please feel free to share on your favourite social network!

We really hope that you’ll get behind us in 2019 and make our 10th 10k the biggest and best ever, join us on Facebook, favourite/bookmark this site and subscribe to our newsletter for more news and information.

Add the date 20th April 2019 to the diary!